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This is the official forum of the Hawaiian Island Ghost Hunters / Hawaiian Island Paranormal Research Society, Hawaii's most knowledgeable, reliable, and experienced paranormal research and investigations team!
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 Know Your Investigator and Team By Preston Galera

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PostSubject: Know Your Investigator and Team By Preston Galera    Thu Jan 05, 2012 9:59 am

My name is Preston and I am the Lead Investigator of the Hawaiian Island Ghost Hunters and President of the Hawaiian Island Paranormal Research Society, a non-profit organization and currently the only actual business of its kind in the beautiful State of Hawaii. I have been researching and studying various fields of the paranormal for over 15 years now and have been investigating claims of haunting activity and helping clients searching for answers regarding such phenomena for 4 years. I've learned from and worked with some of the best people in this unique and little understood field including the Arizona Paranormal Research Society and Hawaii's very own Lopaka Kapanui. My current team consists of some the most passionate and dedicated individuals who, like me, seek to learn all that they can about the unknown and truly help those in need. Senior Investigators Wayne Basa, who is my cousin, and Gene Ganoot, our equipment manager, and investigator Teresa Jacang have been with me since year one. The other three members, Nikkole Verellen, Dallas Cabalse, and Robin O'Sullivan, are former outstanding students of my Introduction to Paranormal Investigations course that I instruct at the Kapiolani Community College Campus since 2009.

I chose to write this article because recently, I consulted a client who was mislead, misunderstood, and let down by an individual claiming to be an experienced paranormal investigator capable of assisting her and her ohana. From what I gathered, this individual did not give the client the impression that her best interest was in mind. Rather, all the investigator wanted to push for was getting an investigation under way so that evidence could be gathered. To me, all this investigator wanted was a notch on the belt or a video to post on YouTube or Facebook. As soon as the client denied the investigation request, the investigator shut down and didn't appear to be listening to anything further the client was saying. After the conversation, the investigator told the client that he would call her back within a couple of days. When that day came, the client waited for the call which never came.

What the investigator failed to realize is that, not every perspective client wants an actual investigation to be conducted. A lot of times, an email, phone, or in-person consultation stating useful advice from actual experience is all that is needed. For many clients, an investigation should be conducted only if all other options have been exhausted. What many really want is for someone to talk to...someone who understands. You see, a lot of what we deal with and have knowledge of in this field, is not understood by the "normal" person so I find myself acting as a sort of counselor in many situations. My first concern before even thinking about an investigation is the person I am talking to. You can do all the investigating and gather all the evidence that you want but if the client is not given the proper advice or tools to cope, then the activity or experiences will continue once the investigation is done. Worst yet, if you have an individual or team who lacks proper experience or knowledge, they could make things worse, and who would be left to deal with it...the client.

So if you are looking for someone to help you find answers to possible paranormal activity or any claims that you may have, whether you are in Hawaii or anywhere else in the world, my advice is to take your time and look into the team and individuals you will be putting your trust into. Speak with the representative, check out the individual's or team's website if there is one (if there isn't one, this might be a concern) and see their credentials, meet with them face to face in a public place, and do all of this before committing to offering any information or allowing them into your home or business. Remember that there is a big difference between someone who just wants the "thrill of the hunt" and someone who actually wants to and is capable of helping you to understands and hopefully resolve what it is that you are experiencing. Many will play on the fact that you are desperate for help and are at your wits end, but just because they have some fancy equipment and know the terminology, it doesn't mean they truly know how to help you and it doesn't mean the know the unknown...
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Know Your Investigator and Team By Preston Galera
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