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 How does life After Death Work ?

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PostSubject: How does life After Death Work ?   Mon Oct 14, 2013 1:20 am

Saw this online.  What do you think?

How does life After Death work?

When the body dies at the end of its life all that is left is the consciousness; that innermost essence of man. At death, our consciousness will become one with the universal consciousness. But how?

Consciousness is like a radio or a TV. Radio and TVs have physical bodies. They exist as a physical object. The TV and the radio, however, are just a vehicle for the message being transmitted. Images and sound are transmitted through TV and through radio, but they also exist in their own sense: as signals.

Take away the radio and the TV and you still have the signal. The signal still exists, it is simply not connected to the physical aspect of the TV / radio anymore.

So it is with consciousness. When our bodies die, our consciousness—our signal—still survives, it is simply not connected to our physical body anymore. Our consciousness becomes as a ship without anchor: awash in the ocean that is the universe.

This is how Life After Death works. Our consciousness is cast adrift on the ocean of the universe.

Source - thedailymeditation.com

Preston Galera
HIPRS President / HIGH Lead Investigator / Founder
HIPRS/HIGH = Hawaii's most knowledgeable, experienced, and reliable paranormal research and investigations team.
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How does life After Death Work ?
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