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Aloha! Welcome to the Hawaiian Island Ghost Hunters Paranormal Forum. Hope to hear from you often. NOSKEDUMWEGETUM!
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This is the official forum of the Hawaiian Island Ghost Hunters / Hawaiian Island Paranormal Research Society, Hawaii's most knowledgeable, reliable, and experienced paranormal research and investigations team!
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Mysteries of Honolulu

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 Aloha from Preston

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PostSubject: Aloha from Preston   Thu Jan 05, 2012 9:00 am

Aloha everyone and welcome to the official forum of the Hawaiian Island Paranormal Research Society (HIPRS) / Hawaiian Island Ghost Hunters (HIGH).  I thank you for visiting and/or joining this place that we established to help anyone who comes here to find answers regarding the HIPRS/HIGH team, claims regarding paranormal phenomena, equipment, experiences, and more.  Please come often, post away, reply to posts, and spread the word about this forum.

My name is Preston Galera and I am the President of the Hawaiian Island Paranormal Research Society and the Lead Investigator of the Hawaiian Island Ghost Hunters team.  For detailed information on the team members including me and the organization and investigation team, please visit our website at www.highosthunters.com.  We do pride ourselves for being an actual business listed as a non-profit organization in this beautiful State of Hawaii, and we are the most experienced, knowledeable, and reliable, research, investigation, and consultation group.  For us it's more than just looking for ghosts...it's about helping people in need while attempting to find answers, proof, or explanations for ourselves and our clients.  Not only are we trying to find proof or evidence of the existence of entities or haunting activity, we are driven to try and find the answers as to questions like, how is it possible for an entity to exists, how can it interact with our physical environment, what are entites comprised of, how do they interact with us, are there different types of entities, and so on.

Yes, we are not "Ghost Hunters," this is not a hobby, and we are not out for glory, fame, or internet popularity.  We are serious, passionate, dedicated, and professional investigators and researchers, and we are here for you!  NOSKEDUMWEGETUM!
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Aloha from Preston
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