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 Psychics and Paranormal Investigations

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PostSubject: Psychics and Paranormal Investigations   Sun Jan 08, 2012 12:38 am

June 29, 2010

I've always been intrigued with the paranormal. Ghosts, haunting activity, UFOs, and yes, psychic abilities have always sparked my interest. Is it possible that certain individuals have special gifts or abilities that enable them to see into the future, manipulate objects with just a thought, or detect energy that the normal person can't. Stories about my ancestors having special abilities passed down through the generation only helped to fuel my curiosity. But would working together with a "claimed" sensitive or psychic help us with our investigations?

Because there is no way to utilize "subjective" experiences as a form of credible evidence, back in 07' when I started drafting the HIGH protocols, I decided to set up a protocol stating that we do not use psychics during our investigations. At the time, a lot of paranormal research groups had set up this same protocol.

Recently, the HIGH members had discussions regarding this protocol, especially after being shocked by the findings of one of our students in class. We had just conducted an investigation of the area a few weeks earlier and two investigators kept seeing something that looked like it kept popping its' head up and down from behind a railing. Many of the claims matched what the two were experiencing. They eventually came to thinking that it may have been a rat. At the ending of this one night in class, an investigator and I thought we saw someone walking into one of the back rooms of the class room. So we headed in the back and saw that no one was there. This made us scratch our head because we both saw it. Also, throughout the class, we kept hearing noises coming from a loft located right about where we set up our desk.

One of our students, Robin, claims to be a sensitive and claims that she can sense the energy of any entities in the area. That night after class, she approached me because she noticed that I kept looking at the loft area and the area where I thought I saw someone walk into in the back of the class. She asked me what I kept looking it. Not wanting to give away any details before we conducted the investigation with the class, I said, "it was nothing." Robin then began to tell me that she feels that there is something that likes to stay in the area. She said it was about the size of a child and that it like to pop it's head up to look over the railing. She also said that it likes to hang out up there and observe the activity going on. Its' lonely, but yet it doesn't want to be bothered. This totally amazed me for she knew nothing of the claims, she was not with us during the investigation, and she had never set foot in the building before we started our classes. What she claimed almost matched perfectly with our experiences and with the claims of the people we interviewed.

So, after much debate and discussions, and after receiving advice from a friend (Psychic Medium Nadine), I came up with the idea that we can use a psychic as a consultant rather than a team member. In doing this, we can still stick to our protocol but yet expand our research into the field of psychic abilities to coincide with our research of entities and haunting activity.

Another factor that comes to mind is the thoughts we have about the general public in Hawaii. As it was mentioned to me, what we usually provide is information that some clients already know and believe in; something is there. But some people want to know who is there, and why are they there. This is where we would have to separate our findings from the psychic's findings. We will claim any possible objective evidence we gather. Then we will make a separate notation of what the psychic gathered.

Here's how we're planning on doing it. We will meet up with the psychic at a location but not get her/him any information. We'll let the psychic to their thing while we do ours. We can also conduct research while trying to utilize the psychic as a possible guide to direct us to possible active locations in the area. After all is said and done we can try to see if there are any collations between our findings and research and the information that the psychic gathers.

Will this work? Will we be able to prove that there are people with certain abilities that normal people don't have? Will this increase our chances to capture more credible evidence? We shall see.


I wrote this post back in 2010. Since then, many things have changed. Robin is now part of HIPRS/HIGH and is working on fine-tuning her abilities along with two other members. After talking with more groups, I've found that utilizing gifted individuals is becoming more accepted, but, with certain protocols and restrictions to help with credibility. As I keep stating, I am a Paranormal Researcher & Investigator and I am not restricted to the studying of Entities and Haunting activity. Our activities with HIPRS/HIGH will still remain the same and our methods and evidence will still be scientific based, but "my" mind hungers for answers.

Preston Galera
HIPRS President / HIGH Lead Investigator / Founder
HIPRS/HIGH = Hawaii's most knowledgeable, experienced, and reliable paranormal research and investigations team.
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Psychics and Paranormal Investigations
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