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Mysteries of Honolulu

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 decisions that you make:

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PostSubject: decisions that you make:   Sat Jan 07, 2012 9:15 pm

I know this sounds offbeat but that's ok. Did you ever wonder like say when you're driving and for that split second you change your direction of driving somewhere take another route or go into a store you hadn't planned to, etc......now do you think you make your own destiny? or are things pre ordained? and if they are have you by switching gears so to speak changed the course of the history for your outcome? I wonder if my life is recorded somewhere and I have myself set the rules before I got here, or if you stray off course do you change your history of your life......
I wonder if this is the reason why Gettysburg soldiers haunt? did they get their destiny changed too abruptly and thats not the course they had destined? I know this sounds out there but I have always wondered if others thinks of these thoughts also?
Mahalo, Robin
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decisions that you make:
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